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Your home is covered with ceramic walls and floors covering and it is important for you to choose the right product so to get the best performance and superior durability that you’re looking for. The Montreal-East flooring experts will assist you on your seek of finding the suitable ceramic or floor covering for the ground level where they should be installed. For example, it is not recommended to use hardwood floors in basements because of flooding and moisture risks. Otherwise, our consultants will suggest practical and economical options for you to save money while maintaining the perfect style and look! Also, we have several decorative elements that can complement your interior and wall cladding in order to serve you better.

As for installation, we have installation and estimators team for residential products and commercial specialists for business, contractors and insurers and adjusters.

At Tapis du manufacturier en gros, we offer carpet in an incredible range of textures and colors at very competitive prices. Carpet is often chosen as a practical product solution that can combine both comfort and functionality. We also offer rugs that will bring the added touch to your room design.

Ceramic tiles can vary in style, color, texture and size. We have a wide range of ceramic models that can create the perfect setting while being easy to clean and durable.

Hardwood floor (natural wood) is easy to maintain and increase the value of your property significantly. At Tapis du Manufacturier en gros, you can choose between maple, oak, cherry, exotic wood and engineered wood floors. The engineered wood floors can be installed on a concrete surface, provided it the surface is higher than ground level. The main advantage of hardwood floor is undoubtedly the natural wood coloring, but it can also be tinted and varnished so that it can thrive for many generations.

Laminate flooring or floating floor is certainly the best value for your money. It is a durable product that is very similar to hardwood floors. It is even possible to confuse the two flooring types from time to time, since a wide range of colors and finishing are available in mimic hardwood floors (gloss, satin and matte).

Vinyl flooring in rolls is the easiest to install. It will offer you amazing durability and outstanding comfort.

Finally, TMG en Gros has the latest trends on the market and clearance sales every week on selected models. Come visit us regularly in to our store to take advantage of our great deals. Also, the many flooring features can be explained to you by our expert. Do not hesitate to ask for help during your visit.